The following it is the proposal to perform Energy Dance LED and Fire Show at Your Amazing Wedding

Energy Dance transform you ordinary celebration into something EXTRAORDINARY  

Energy Dance For you wedding

Energy Dance LED Show:  

–  The Energy Dance LED Show begins by using special Fiber Optical Lights and match Dance Choreography, introducing the audience to a futuristic ambient. 


–  The Energy Dance LED Show takes place by performing intricate tricks using a pair of Led traditional Poi, great moment to interact with the audience, share out light with the newlywed, and make them feel like the star of the show. 


  – For The Grand Final Energy Dance LED Show, the modern Logo POI, able to display in the air high resolution images that create a magical atmosphere for the audience. (Something they never seen before, full personalize, names, logos, special colors, etc.)

Energy Dance Fire Show:  


–  The Energy Dance Fire Show start by using Traditional Fire Poi, professionals tools using top quality materials for the best results make it save for out door and indoor performance. Location most be check by Energy Dance staff previous every performance. 


–  Fire snakes: Bigger flames coming up… lighting the space and make the audience contemplate the magic of fire dance shining to the beat of music.


– The big final Energy Dance Fire show have hot FIRE (ONLY by the beach or Out Door space previous check and approve by Energy Dance staff )